about your artist.


My name is Lorena Soto. I am a proud mom and makeup artist located in the beautiful Seattle area. For as long as I can remember, I loved makeup and the excitement that it brought me when I played and experimented with fun colors, new looks, products and techniques. I remember watching these makeover shows and I couldn't wait to see the end when it was time for the makeup artist to complete the transformation and teach the steps they took to achieve the look. I would be so ecstatic to see the client's reaction and how it would completely change the way they looked at themselves in the mirror. It wasn't just the makeup that drew me in but the whole experience!

Like many, I put aside my life-long passion years ago and went to school for something completely different, thinking that was what I should do In order to provide a “stable” life for my son and myself. However, I was left feeling so uninspired. It became clear that I needed to change direction and pursue my true passion! I started to work in cosmetic retail while going to school, then began taking bookings such as private events and weddings, then continued to expand my freelance portfolio by adding photo shoots, commercials and film to my repertoire. I tend to be a perfectionist and take pride in my work focusing my expertise on all those details that will give my client exactly what they want.

I constantly strive to learn more to further my artistry and knowledge about techniques and products so that I may offer my clients a truly personalized result. To me, makeup isn't meant to be a mask that's put on each day but a way to enhance your natural beauty or even revamp yourself to bring out the most confident part of yourself. Makeup serves everyone differently and my goal is to give you what you need for your unique style and individual features.

I love makeup so much that I invested in myself and added on permanent makeup to my list of services! Even though, it took a ton of practice and training in order to get licensed and certified, it was a pretty smooth transition for me with having a background doing makeup. It's the perfect extesnion of what I already do. I'm absolutely obsessed with all my clients' healed results and how happy my clients are after getting their lips, brows, eyeliner and/or faux freckles done by me!

It's been a long and wild journey but I am so happy I have established a career where my purpose is to help people feel beautiful and confident.​ I feel very blessed to work in such an exciting industry and to also meet and work with some of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met. I try to consistently work with other people who share the same passion and values that I have so that our clients have the best experiences. I can't wait for more!