Get Ready,

             Get Set,

                        Get Glam!


SKINCARE: If starting a new skincare regimen, please start 3 months in advance. You can add one new product 2-3 weeks beforehand. *It is always helpful to exfoliate (ideally with a chemical or enzymatic type) a day or two before the event.


SPRAY TANS/TANNING: Spray tans look best on the second or third day! If bed-tanning, please give yourself a break for about 1-3 days beforehand. Bed-tanning can cause inflammation in the skin and cause redness.


WAXING: If you get your face (brows, upper lip, chin, sides) waxed, please do it at least 3-5 days before your preview and wedding day.


NIGHT BEFORE: Either shower the night before or in the morning, but make sure to thoroughly take off your makeup, wash your face, and moisturize well before you go to bed! YOUR SKIN MUST BE AS CLEAN AS POSSIBLE FOR WHEN WE GET STARTED IN THE MORNING.


WHEN YOU WAKE UP: Please come with teeth brushed, face moisturized and hair combed. Also, don’t forget to wear a shirt or sweater that is easy to get in and out of before we start so we can avoid any makeup or hair mishaps!


WHAT TO BRING: Have a lipstick or gloss ready for touchups. I have everything but if you’d like, you can bring your own product. Photos of inspiration are also welcome!


HAIR: Whether you wash your hair morning of or night before, have your hair completely dry and NOT styled (straightened or curled) with little to no hair product in it. If you have curly/kinky hair and are getting a hair service done, you need to come with hair already blow dried straight.

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