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What People Say.


Lorena was so sweet, made me feel comfortable as a basically new-to-makeup-user. She did an excellent job. I would NEVER av been able to do it on my own.


I've loved everything you've done on me! From my engagement shoot, to my bachelorette to my wedding! I have not been disappointed! Love your work!


I love Lorena! She's an incredible artist, a true professional and a joy to be around! --- She is top notch!


She is honestly just the best person to talk to. She is so funny and when I met her it was like we were friends already; a very comfortable setting. Her work on my face had way exceeded my expectations!


I love helping all my clients show their true beauty, their fantasy and just their incredible self out to the world for their wedding day, a fun photoshoot and even lessons!


Lorena was absolutely amazing! She made me feel very comfortable and was very professional for my wedding. She is reliable and was helpful in how to take care of my skin leading up to the days of my wedding. She went above and beyond to make sure I looked amazing for my big day and took into consideration everything I asked for! She was friendly and accommodating. Would definitely recommend her for any event!


Lorena was awesome! She listened to my concerns and helped me figure out what I was looking for in a wedding look. Her makeup skills are exemplary and her honesty was refreshing! She also did a good job of describing some of her techniques and tips for makeup application.


Lorena did a makeover for me as I have not updated in quite a while. She was incredibly attentive and asked very specific questions to gauge what my needs were. She answered questions and was overall helpful, professional, and fun - you just do not get all that in one nowadays!


Lorena helped me come up with a makeup plan for my elopement in Iceland. She taught me how to apply my makeup for two different looks and it turned out perfect. She taught me about all the differences in the makeups she was using and what would be best for the weather and all the different variables involved. I can't say enough good things about Lorena and her professionalism and knowledge.


Lorena is amazing! She is super responsive when you reach out to her, and is so sweet! She is super attentive to what the bride wants! One of my favorite things is that she messaged me the night before to wish me a good nights sleep and confirm that she would see me the next day!

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