MY BEAUTY Services.


Special Events: 

Do you have a huge party coming up? A birthday? An anniversary? I've got you covered! I would love to get you all dolled up with that perfect smokey eye, contoured face or maybe a bold lip look?! Maybe get some natural, beachy waves or old Hollywood-style curls? (I am also available for makeup and hair looks that are specifically for concerts and festivals.) 

Private Lessons: 

I am available for one-on-one makeup lessons both in person or virtually through Skype or FaceTime! If you have questions on a new look or need help on shopping for new products or have never worn makeup before, I would love to help you find your perfect look and/or products. 


Natural-to-Glam Makeup Look:

Skin prep, full face makeup and lashes


Glam-to-InstaGlam Makeup Look:

Extra skin prep, full face makeup, lashes and touch-up kit


Simple Curls Hair Style:

Hair only curled and all down


Elegant Curls Hair Style:

Hair styling with simple design of curls and pinning with 1-2 braids/twists


Fancy Updo/Braid Design Hair Style:

Hair styling with detailed design of waves/curls with

maximum pinning and/or multiple braids/twists


Extensions added in (you provide your own):



$1.50/mile round trip for each artist

$1.00/mile round trip for each assistant


One-on-One Lesson:

Consultation for first/new perfect skincare and makeup routine, walk-through of best steps to take for individual style and extra tips on technique and tools to use

Starting at $100/hour

Group Lesson:

Hands-on workshop for group to learn how to set up and

maintain the best skincare and makeup routine for each

person and more tips to execute the perfect look

Starting at $200/hour


$1.50/mile round trip



Whether it's a clean and professional look for head shots, a sweet and fun look for family or senior portraits, a sexy look for a boudoir shoot, or any type of look for projects and print, I am flexible. 


Being a freelance artist, I have the ability to not only go to any starting location to do initial makeup looks but to move around with the ongoing project for makeup touch ups and changes on actors and models. I have listed my credits here. Please email me for questions about projects and my day rate.


For all other inquiries, please contact me here for pricing and availablity.

NOTE: All rates are subject to change and can be changed at any time. Previous rates will always be honored if a contract is signed and/or a deposit has been made. 

Don’t see any details about and/or rates for weddings? Don’t worry. You can find that all on this page!