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Meet the owner and head artist

Hey! My name is Lorena Soto and I am a hair and makeup artist and am a proud mom of a sweet boy and the daughter of two immigrant parents from Peru. I live in Seattle but my heart loves the sunshine, so I fly to LA regularly for both family and work. My team and I love to bring makeup and hair magic to our clients both on-site and in the studio, however you need us!

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The Beginning of Lorena Soto Makeup

I have always been obsessed with makeup; the creativity it brings out in me and the inward and outward transformation it gives my clients is the best part of being a makeup artist. Though I’m getting to what I truly love now, it was a windy road getting here.


Like many others, I put aside my lifelong passion of pursuing a career in beauty years ago and went to school for something completely different. I thought that this was what I had to do in order to provide a “stable” life for my son and myself, however, I was left feeling so uninspired. When I finally decided to take a chance on an opportunity in the beauty industry, I fell in love and I haven’t looked back since! 

Makeup Artistry and Permanent Makeup

I started my career by doing makeup for events and weddings then got involved in commercial work and even film. I loved what I did and met so many wonderful people but I always had clients tell me they wished I could do their makeup every day. Eventually, I thought, "Why not give them a way to have this makeup experience every day? I can do that!" and I began offering my services as a permanent makeup artist as well!


Since seeing my mom get permanent eyeliner tattooed years ago, I have been intrigued by the concept of permanent makeup, and with this idea in mind, I decided to add that skill to my arsenal. I constantly strive to learn more to further my artistry and knowledge about techniques and products so that I may offer my clients a truly personalized result, and this includes both regular and permanent makeup artistry services.


Our Goal

Makeup serves everyone differently and my team’s goal is to give you what you need for your unique style and individual features. Permanent makeup is the perfect extension of what I already do. I'm absolutely obsessed with all my clients' healed results and how happy my clients are after getting their lips, brows, eyeliner, and/or faux freckles done by me and my goal is to make sure that all of my clients love the results just as much!


It's the best feeling to have established a career where my purpose is to help people feel beautiful and confident.​ I know I'm where I'm meant to be -- creating makeup magic.



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