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Wedding FAQ's

Q: I need to lock you (& any additional wedding hair or makeup artists) down ASAP! How can I book with you to reserve a hair and makeup appointment for my wedding date?

A: Don't stress out! Just send me an email to check if I and/or my team are available for your wedding date and, once you're confirmed, all you need to do is fill out my contract and pay the deposit for half the total to reserve your date.

To book me as your artist, I require a minimum of $1000 in services for all weekend weddings. To book someone else on the Lorena Soto Makeup team, the minimum cost for services varies per artist. View our other artists here!

Seattle Makeup Artist Bride

Q: Can I do a preview before booking?

A: ​Absolutely! You are always welcome to book a bridal hair and makeup session preview for $250 each service up front and that will go toward your bridal package if you decide to book with us. However, keep in mind that booking this preview session doesn't lock in your actual wedding date, and the wedding season books up fast!

​Q: How far in advance should I book? 

A: The simple answer is as soon as possible! Currently, we are booking for wedding hair and makeup services one year out. If it's a larger party requiring additional artists, it's best to book sooner than later to ensure that everyone you may need will be available. 

Q: Do I need to come to you or are you able to come to me?

A: I am an on-site makeup artist so that means that I travel to you with my kit, professional makeup light, and chair (if needed) for your wedding hair and makeup! Preview sessions for bridal makeup are held in my studio located in Lynnwood.

Q: ​How many people/services can you accommodate in a bridal party?

A: I am so blessed to have a team of artists and assistants that I partner with for all kinds of events and weddings, so we can accommodate any services you need. As of today, the largest party I have coordinated included 44 services total in 2 locations, so I got you covered on any hair and makeup service for your wedding! 

Q: ​I have a large group. Is there a way to speed up the process of getting ready?

A: Of course! Usually, I (and each of my artists) take 4-6 clients per wedding, but I completely understand that you'd like to get a couple of hours of extra sleep! I offer the option to bring on one or multiple artists/assistants to cut getting-ready time for just $200/extra artist or $100/extra assistant! 

Q: I normally don't wear a lot of makeup. Can you do a more natural makeup look on me?

A: Yes, I strive to make all my brides look and feel like the best version of themselves on their wedding day! I understand your fears of not recognizing yourself and always work hard to execute your vision so that it translates well in real life and in photos, so if natural makeup is what you’re looking for, we will make sure you love it.

Q: ​I'd like my bridal hair and/or makeup to be different for the reception. Is that possible?

A: That's a spectacular idea! I love it when there is a makeup, hair, and/or dress change for the bride -- it gives a little room to have an extra bit of fun with your look! I offer touch-up services where I stay longer for you for an hourly rate of $100/hour.

Q: ​I heard airbrush makeup is the best! Do you offer it?

A: ​Although airbrush foundation can be beautiful, it's not considered best for everyone and can give false hope that your skin will automatically look flawless. I prefer traditional foundations that still feel lightweight and photograph beautifully!

Q: ​Do you charge for travel? How much is it?

A: Yes, I do. Travel accounts for not only gas mileage and wear-and-tear for our vehicles but also the time that I choose to be away from other possible clients to get to and from your location. It also is for all the physical labor it takes our team to bring all of our kits and even additional lights, chairs, and tables in order to have the best wedding makeup and hair setup. I charge $1.50 per mile for myself and each additional artist and $1.00 for each additional assistant working with me. Travel rates for wedding hair and makeup artists are, on average, about $2.00 per mile or higher and any wedding over 85 miles away requires a minimum of a one-night hotel stay at the expense of the client, so we offer competitive pricing but still need to be able to provide compensation for our team. 

Q: What can I do to get prepared for my preview session and for my wedding day?

A: ​I love skincare! Hone in on a consistent skincare routine as soon as you can, wash your hair the morning or night before, and, if you're getting a spray tan for the day of, get the same one for your preview!

Q: ​I don't know if I can afford everything...but I would love your help!

A: I understand that planning a wedding can be a lot of time and money! I offer private consultations for brides whose budget fits only themselves doing their own makeup but don't know where to start. Please email me with specific questions.


Q: Okay, I’m ready to book you! After signing the contract and sending over the deposit, then what?

A: I know you have a lot on your plate planning your wedding, so let’s find a time for your preview right away! Most of my brides like to schedule their previews closer to their wedding date so that they can decide on their vision beforehand and that it’s fresh in their memory. I agree with this as well and ask that we don’t schedule it more than 1-3 months before your wedding date.

Never hesitate to contact us with any other questions you have! We would love to hear from you and want to bring your dream wedding hair and makeup vision to life!

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