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Before we begin, let me break down a few things: I have specific steps for preparation and aftercare per each service, but there are a few restrictions that apply to them all including certain temporary or long-term health issues, doing other facial procedures and/or taking other medications. In order to get started, we must make sure your health is not a concern — that is the most important thing to me! Let’s check here. (If unsure, please consult your doctor to see if you’re a good candidate for permanent makeup.)

For each service, I will provide a health history form, a client consent form and aftercare instructions. These forms are required to be fully read and signed by the beginning of your service before any procedure has been started. One thing to remember about the healing process is that it always looks slightly more bold in color/saturation when you first get it. Following my aftercare instructions are key to getting the best results. However, no matter what you get or even who you go to, your body chemistry is an unknown variable and can be a huge factor in how you heal — this is why a touchup is so important and can get you closest to your desired look!



My most requested service! This can be intimidating but most are surprised by how much they love it most after they see their lips fully healed. My clients love how their ”blushed” lips make them appear more even, balanced and overall youthful.

During your custom consultation, we will discuss your lifestyle, what kind of color lip pigments would best suit you and the overall shape you had envisioned. As we start, I trace out a design that is as symmetrical as possible (since most of us have some asymmetry to our faces), then triple check shape and size. During the procedure, I only start once I get your approval and always continually check on you to make sure you’re comfortable throughout everything. Note: If you have EVER had a cold sore, fever blister or herpes simplex, you must get on an antiviral 3 days before until 3 days after your procedure in order to receive this service by me. No exceptions.


  • Luxury Lip Blush: soft lip tint or lipstick look applied to full lips for a naturally enhanced or bold lip look $750

  • Dark Lip Neutralization: lighten melanin-rich lips by neutralizing visible darkness in order to balance lip tone or lighten enough to add lip blush (can require 2-4 touch up sessions on average) $550

  • Luxury Lip Blush Touch up: initial touchup after 6-8 weeks $250

  • Luxury Lip Blush Yearly/Bi-Yearly Color Boost: when you book your initial service again, I will automatically give you 25% off (not applicable on touch ups and only available to current clients)

All extra services to perfect and/or touch up lips are for current clients only. In order to receive these prices, an initial Luxury Lip Blush service is required.

This service comes with a complimentary lip aftercare kit and the initial session comes with a Deluxe Luxury aftercare kit.


Eyebrows are a game changer! Have you ever heard how “eyebrows frame the face?” Well, it's so true. Whether you like natural, fluffy, bold or any other style, beautiful brows give the biggest confidence boost!

With my experience background in professional makeup and advanced training, I measure and shape your ideal brow. I customize each set of brows differently for each client of mine. I never use pre-made stencils. I try to design each brow by using both my artistic and technical skills — styles may change but symmetry and balance never do! The closest symmetry is always my goal, however, no one’s face is completely even and that’s why I double and triple check each design and always get your approval before I start. 


  • Microblading only: brows are shaped and defined with carefully placed strokes throughout brow to mimic hair (not recommended for oily skin types) $550

  • Powder or Ombre (machine only): brows are shaded in with carefully placed points/shading to look like they are filled in with powder (perfect for any skin type) $550

  • 3D Combo/Hybrid: this is the most popular option that gives the most 3D look where brows are defined and filled in with a hybrid of both microbladed strokes AND points/shading made with machine (also known as Combo Brows) $600

  • *Brow Color Correction: this is available alone to those that only have discoloration in their brows; if your brows require an updated shape and added color intensity, this is strictly an ADD-ON $150

  • Brow Touch up: initial touchup after 4-8 weeks $150

  • Microblading, Powder/Ombre, 3D Combo/Hybrid Yearly Touch up: when you book your initial service again, I will automatically give you 25% off (not applicable on touch ups and only available to current clients)

All extra services to perfect and/or touch up brows are for current clients only. In order to receive these prices, an initial Microblading, Powder/Ombre or 3D Combo/Hybrid Brow service is required. *When wanting to upgrade your Microblading or Powder/Ombre Brow touch up session to a 3D Combo/Hybrid Brow style, additional fees may be added.

This service comes with a complimentary brow aftercare kit.



People say that the eyes are the “windows to the soul” — so then how does eyeliner come into play? It is literally the framing to those “windows” of your beautiful face! There are so many options and combinations for this service. You could choose upper or lower liner or both! You could decide to have a style that’s a subtle, natural eyeliner look where it makes your lashes look thicker or a style that’s a bolder, more dramatic makeup look like winged liner plus possible shading. The style should be one thing to consider when choosing your Eyeliner Service along with your lifestyle, personality and, of course, your eye shape!

When I do eye procedures, I plan to really make the eyes pop as naturally or dramatically as my clients want. When I am doing the procedure, I mark and/or draw and fill in how the liner will look, triple check that it’s as even-looking as possible since most facial structures have some asymmetry to them, then have you check and agree that it’s what you want. Remember, eyes vary in shape, size and how they lay in the eye socket, so it is essential that we have an open discussion in your consultation about the subtle differences between the eyes and how we can achieve your desired result.


  • Lashline Enhancement: “undetectable” or natural liner placed strategically between and under lashes to enhance your own lashes $400

  • Upper Eye Liner (Fox Eye, Winged or Shaded Wing): solid winged liner placed in and on top of the lashes with or without a “smudged/shadow” accent on top $550

  • Lower Eyeliner ADD-ON: lower lashline eyeliner $150

  • Eyeliner Touch up: initial touchup after 6-8 weeks $150

  • Lashline Enhancement or Fox Eye/Winged/Shaded Wing Yearly Touch up: when you book your initial service again, I will automatically give you 25% off (not applicable on touch ups and only available to current clients)

All extra services to perfect and/or touch up brows are for current clients only. In order to receive these prices, an initial Lashline Enhancement or Upper Eyeliner service is required. *When wanting to upgrade your Lashline Enhancement touch up session to a Fox Eye, Winged or Shaded Wing look or add on the lower Lashline, additional fees will be added.

This service comes with a complimentary eye aftercare kit.


One of the most fun things you can decorate your face with are faux freckles! I love adding some beautiful faux freckles to the face, whether it’s a lot of sun-kissed freckles or just a dusting, I like them to look natural when it comes to coloring, enhancing some faint ones that are used to really pop out as if some sun hit them. When I do a freckle procedure, I clean the skin then draw a pattern based on your facial structure and preference. Once we agree on your design, I’ll use both a hand tool and/or machine to tattoo with and just remember, it will look much darker than what it will look like once healed. This is a gorgeous and easy service to add on to any other permanent makeup service as well!


  • Faux Freckles: freckles tattoo added to the cheeks and nasal bridge $300

  • Freckle Touch up: initial touchup after 4-6 weeks $150

All extra services to perfect freckles are for current clients only. In order to receive this price, an initial Faux Freckles service is required.

This service comes with a complimentary freckle aftercare kit.


Don’t like a tattoo anymore? Do you have some botched permanent makeup? I offer a way to lighten and/or remove unwanted work. In most cases, you may need anywhere from two to five sessions to get the close to the desired results. If you just received a service by someone else, you can come in within 48 hours to receive an emergency removal service.  **The saline procedure does NOT look pretty immediately after or during the healing process. They’ll look red, maybe a bit bloody and overall irritated but that is totally normal and what they should look like in order to work. They won’t look lighter right away so trust the process and wait for them to heal!


  • 1 Session of Removal: $200 per session

Waiting a minimum of 6-10 weeks is required between sessions and before receiving new permanent makeup work done in the same area.

This service comes with a complimentary aftercare kit.


So, which services are you in love with? Book with me now and get excited to get more sleep, wake up feeling absolutely beautiful and head out the door every day feeling so confident —you deserve it. I can’t wait to meet you!